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At Hodgson Russ, we attend to not only your immediate intellectual property needs but also work with you to devise a long-term intellectual property (IP) portfolio-building strategy. The attorneys in Hodgson Russ’s Intellectual Property & Technology Practise understand you are passionate about your work. So are we. Our practise is devoted to the protection and enforcement of all forms of intellectual property rights in areas that include patenting of inventions; protection of designs; protection of marks; protection of copyrightable works; freedom‐to‐operate analyses; portfolio management; challenge and defence of issues patents at the patent office; opinion work; technology agreements, including website agreements and agreements relating to cloud computing; and trade secrets and non‐disclosure agreements.

The quality of our work stems from our experience and technical depth. Many Hodgson Russ IP attorneys have advanced technical degrees in addition to law degrees, and prior to attending law school, many of our IP attorneys worked in academia or industries that include software, energy, semiconductor, microelectronics, manufacturing, plastics, information technology, and automotive, giving our attorneys the ability to understand complex technologies. We work seamlessly as a team, and that allows us to tackle technologies that may require knowledge of multiple fields. We take the time to listen to our clients’ objectives and provide them economically sensible approaches to achieve their goals.

Hodgson Russ’s Intellectual Property & Technology Practise is  international in scope. Clients include major corporations, middle-market companies, and research and educational institutions, as well as smaller businesses and individuals. Our firm works directly with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and with a network of patent and trademark attorneys in all major countries of the world.

Hodgson Russ has been awarded a prestigious Best Law Firms Metropolitan Tier 1 ranking by Best Lawyers/U.S. News & World Report in the Patent Law category.

Intellectual Property & Technology Attorneys
John Lopinski, Ph.D.
Phone: 716.848.1430
R, Kent Roberts
Phone: 716.848.1510
Gary Schober
Phone: 716.848.1289


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