Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Blockchain and other distributed ledger technology is one of the most disruptive technologies of the past decade, which raises legal and business challenges for our clients. Interest and investment in digital currencies has grown rapidly, which has increased the attention from tax and regulatory authorities around the world. Distributed ledger technology is also being explored in other applications to improve transaction performance and data security, such as for financial transactions, supply chains, smart contracts, energy storage and exchange, municipal records, and countless others. Each of these applications presents unique opportunities and legal concerns. The attorneys on Hodgson Russ’s multidisciplinary blockchain and cryptocurrency team regularly advise individuals, startups, and high-growth companies in both the U.S. and abroad across an array of legal issues. We apply our experiences from the financial services sector, technology sector, and governmental regulatory areas to this emergent technology.

Some of our projects related to distributed ledger technology include:

  • Securities advice related to initial coin offerings (ICOs)
  • Tax advice on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments
  • Helping clients monitor the changing state and federal regulatory landscape for blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Patent and other intellectual property advice for new blockchain applications
  • Business entity planning and employment advice for emerging companies working with blockchain technology
  • Evaluating data security and data privacy issues for new blockchain applications
  • Equipment lease and facility rental advice for cryptocurrency mining operations

In the event of commercial disputes or criminal prosecution, our litigation team works with the blockchain and cryptocurrency team to advance our client’s interests.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Attorneys
Nathaniel Lucek
Nathaniel Lucek
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David Bradley
Phone: 716.848.1699
Timothy Ho
Phone: 416.595.2673
Gary Schober
Phone: 716.848.1289
John Zak
Phone: 716.848.1253


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